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4 Steps to Success

Effective design and marketing doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It starts with asking the right questions and leads to planning an effective strategy. Only then do we launch into the next phase of development.
In order to create the perfect brand identity and execution strategy for your business or project, we get to know you and your product or service. We research and test to understand as much as possible about your target market.

Having established your brand strategy, we are now in a position to express it as a cohesive visual identity that is as on-target as it is exciting. The Visual Identity is the magic that brings your brand to life, providing the emotional connection, and invites customers to take action.
We apply the visual identity to your website, social media platforms, marketing collateral, presentations, infographics, and event graphics.

Let's get your company and/or project in front of the right audience and make a great impression!

Client Testimonials

Rae Dunphy, Owner
Rae Dunphy Aromatics
Ann Zee, Owner
Holistic Institute of Health & Fertility
Michael Kolodnicki,
Raymond James

The power of combining professional design with an effective, targeted strategy

"I love the power of professional brand identities delivered through smart marketing strategies. Seeing my clients reach their business objectives faster, makes what I do very rewarding."

Brenda Hanna

Brenda Hanna

Creative Director and Owner of Creative Groove

Creative Groove is a well-established, Calgary based, branding and strategic design studio that takes the time to understand your needs – and respect your budget and timelines. We offer leading-edge solutions to large and small companies. Innovation, creativity and strategic thinking are our most valuable assets.








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